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CONFIGURATION: 5 Cards per Pack 5 Packs per Display Box 8 Display Boxes per Inner Shipper 2 Inner Shippers per Case


CONTENT: Every Pack Features 1 Autograph or 1 Memorabilia Card Every Box delivers 1 Autograph + 4 Additional Autograph or Memorabilia Hits!

BIG HITS: Find Authentic Rookies from the Double Rookie Class, #’d to player’s jersey number! Plus, each player’s actual jersey number (i.e. 64/64 for Yakupov) will be signed! Look for gold autograph parallels of the base set, including a large sampling of rookies! Collect the latest wave of Draft Day Marks, highlighted by MacKinnon, Yakupov & Galchenyuk! Find some key veterans included too!

EVENT-BASED MEGA-HITS: Grab 2013 Stanley Cup Finals + 2012 NHL Winter Classic cards! Get Net Skirt Autos from both awesome events! Also find the very popular Net Cord cards from both events! Plus look for NEW Game Pucks cards from the Finals! Collect a handful of 1-of-1 Skirt Patch cards from the Bruins-Blackhawks showdown too! Top it off with a 1-of-1 NHL Shield logo, either from the indoor or outdoor event!

MORE BIG HITS: Look for Supreme Patches, Supreme Gloves & Supreme Skates! Huge 1” x 2.75” swatches of super-premium game-used material! Pull Tandem Twigs, featuring two great NHL stars on a dual stick card! Find Rookie autographed memorabilia hits with Inked Rookie Sweaters! Patch versions too! And don’t forget about an SP Game Used favorite – Game Gear These four-item hits are #’d to 3, and loaded with value! Talking SP Game Used favorites – the Authentic Fabrics family is loaded with jersey and patch parallels, fight strap variations and low-numbered tag cards to top it off! In addition to Duals, Triples & Quads, this far-reaching insert delivers 5’s-8’s, with big hitting patch parallels to boot!


Super Premium Memorabilia Cards Supreme Patches (Huge Patch Piece!) – #’d to 12 Supreme Sticks (Huge Stick Piece!) – #’d to 12 Supreme Gloves (Huge Glove Piece!) – #’d to 12 Supreme Skates (Huge Skate Piece!) – #’d to 12 Game Gear (Jersey/Patch/Tag Patch/Fight Strap!!) – #’d to 3 Tandem Twigs – inserted 1:90 2013 Stanley Cup Finals Material, Net Skirt Autographs – inserted 1:650 2013 Stanley Cup Finals Material, Net Skirt Patch -- #’d to 1 2013 Stanley Cup Finals Material, Game Pucks – inserted 1:1,100 2013 Stanley Cup Finals Material, Net Cord -- #’d to 25 2013 Stanley Cup Finals Material, Net Shield Logo -- #’d to 1 2012 NHL Winter Classic Material, Net Skirt Autographs – inserted 1:2,000 2012 NHL Winter Classic Material, Net Cord -- #’d to 25 2012 NHL Winter Classic Material, Net Shield Logo -- #’d to 1

Inked Sweaters –Auto Jersey – #’d up to 10 Inked Rookie Sweaters – #’d to 99 SIGnificant Numbers –Auto Jerseys – #’d to jersey #

Inked Sweaters –Auto Patch – varied #ing Inked Rookie Sweaters, Patch variation – #’d to 25 SIGnificant Numbers –Auto Patch – #’d to last jersey digit

Draft Day Marks (Rookies) – #’d to 35 Draft Day Marks (Veterans) – #’d to 10

Authentic Fabrics, Jersey – Inserted 1:3 Authentic Fabrics, Jersey Gold // – #’d to jersey # Authentic Fabrics Patch // – #’d to 35 Authentic Fabrics Fight Strap // – #’d to 15 Authentic Fabrics Tags // – #’d to 3 Authentic Fabrics Dual – inserted 1:6 Authentic Fabrics Triple – inserted 1:18 Authentic Fabrics Quad – inserted 1:42 Authentic Fabrics Dual patch // – #’d to 25 Authentic Fabrics Triple patch // – #’d to 15 Authentic Fabrics Quad patch // – #’d to 12 Authentic Fabrics Fives – inserted 1:72 Authentic Fabrics Sixes – inserted 1:180 Authentic Fabrics Sevens – inserted 1:360 Authentic Fabrics Eights – inserted 1:720 Authentic Fabrics Five patch // – #’d to 9 Authentic Fabrics Six patch // – #’d to 6 Authentic Fabrics Seven patch // – #’d to 3 Authentic Fabrics Eight patch // – #’d to 1

Autograph Cards Regular Cards, Gold Auto // – inserted 1:40 Authentic Rookies Gold Auto // – inserted 1:10

Rookie Cards Authentic Rookies – #’d to jersey number Authentic Rookies Auto Variation – #’d to 1

Regular Cards 100 Regular Cards

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