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CONFIGURATION: 5 Cards per Pack 1 Pack per Tin 6 Tins per Case


Simply The Best!

INSIDE EVERY TIN: 2 Autographed Patch Cards: 1 Signed Rookie Patch card! A second Signed Patch card, showcasing a star NHLer or great rookie in a collectible insert! 1 Signature, Memorabilia or low-#’d parallel!

DELIVERING THE HIGHEST VALUES FOR THE 13-14 SEASON: Best Rookie Cards of the Year! Showcasing Best of the Best from the Double Rookie Class! Translated = Amazing Depth of Quality RC’s! Autographed Monumental Booklets! Huge Game-Worn Patch Swatches + Rookie or Superstar Autos! Limited Logos!
The Must-Have of Standard Patch Cards! Property Of … Stick Cards – Awesome 1-of-1’s! Cup Quads Patch Cards – Featuring 4 Superstar NHLers! Numbered to just 5!
Multi-Player Shield cards! With Dual-Signed Versions! And Trios Booklets – Three Shields in One Massive Hit! Shadowbox-style Brilliance Autographs!

Many Showcasing Top RC’s Too! Talking Rookies, the Autographed Rookie Gear and Dual Auto Rookie Booklets Light the Lamp! Notable Nameplates! Spell out your Favorite Player’s Name, from the Back of his Jersey!

(UPGRADE) Gold Foil Rookie variations and Black Foil 1-of-1 Rookies now Feature Autographs!
(UPGRADE) Gold Patch Parallels to Base Set – Many Now Autographed!
(NEW) Signature Renditions, with Documentary-Style Artwork that Truly Captures the Game! Plus Look for Gold Paint Pen Combos too! Black Auto Tag Parallels – Laundry tag swatches featuring the Canadian Flag!
Autographed Press-Plates of Top ’13-14 RC’s Uber-Popular Program of Excellence Autos! Signed Draft Board & Patch Booklet Cards! (An Excellent Combination of Collectibles!) Autographed Rookie Gear!


Autographed Rookie Patch Cards! Autographed Rookie Patch Level 2 – #’d to 249 Autographed Rookie Patch Level 1 -- #’d to 99

Autographed Patch Cards! Limited Logos, Tier 1 – #’d to 50 Limited Logos, Tier 2 – #’d to 25 Limited Logos, Tier 3 – #’d to 10 Emblems of Endorsements – #’d to 15 Autographed Rookie Gear Booklets – #’d to 25 Dual Auto Rookie Bookmarks – #’d to 25 Autographed Draft Board & Patch Booklets – #’d to 10 Signature Patches, Tier 1 – #’d to 99 Signature Patches, Tier 2 – #’d to 25 Dual Signature Patches, Tier 1 – #’d to 35 Dual Signature Patches, Tier 2 – #’d to 10 Honorable Numbers – #’d to jersey # Dual Honorable Numbers – #’d to jersey # Scripted Swatches – #’d to 35 Dual Scripted Swatches – #’d to 15 Autographed Cup Foundations Quadruple Patches – #’d to 5 Autographed Cup Foundations Tag Patches – #’d to 1 Dual Autographed NHL Shield Booklets – #’d to 1 Autographed Monumental Patch Booklets – #’d up to 3 Autographed Monumental Rookie Patch Booklets – #’d to 5 Regular Card Gold Auto Patch – #’d to 10 Regular Card Black Auto Tag Patch variation (some with Canadian Flag!) – #’d to 1 Rookie Black Auto Tag – #’d to 3 Gold Auto Rookie Patches – #’d to jersey number

The Cup’s Upper-Echelon Autograph & Memorabilia Inserts! Program of Excellence – #’d to 10 Program of Excellence Duals – #’d to 5 Program of Excellence Trios – #’d to 3 Autographed Rookie Draft Boards -- #’d to 25 Scripted Sticks – #’d to 35 Dual Scripted Sticks – #’d to 15 Cup Enshrinements – #’d to 60 Cup Foundations Quadruple Jerseys – #’d to 25 Cup Foundations Quadruple Patches – #’d to 10 Autographed Cup Foundations Quadruple Jerseys – #’d to 15 NHL Shield Trios (Booklets) – #’d to 1 Notable Nameplates – #’d to Number of Letters in Last Name 2005-06 Crosby Cup RC Tributes – #’d to 10 2005-06 Ovechkin Cup RC Tributes – #’d to 5 Property of … – #’d to 1 Brilliance – inserted 1:6 Rookie Brilliance – inserted 1:9 Cup Trios (jerseys) – #’d to 25 Cup Quads (jerseys) – #’d to 10 Cup Trios Patch // – #’d to 10 Cup Quads Patch // – #’d to 5 (NEW) Signature Renditions -- #’d to 35 (NEW) Signature Renditions Combos -- #’d to 15 Rookie Evolution Video Cards – inserted 1:55 Gold Auto Rookies – #’d to jersey number Gold Rookies – #’d to jersey number Rookie Masterpiece (pressplates) – #’d to 1 Autographed Rookie Masterpiece (pressplates) – #’d to 1 The Cup Masterpiece (pressplates) – #’d to 1 Artist Proof Redemptions (for un-cut sheets!) – varied qtys. Regular Cards Jersey variation – #’d to 25 Regular Cards Patch variation (featuring Tag Patch with Canadian Flag!) – #’d to 1 Regular Cards Black Auto variation – #’d to 1 Rookie Cards Gold Spectrum Auto variation – #’d to 25 Rookie Cards Black Auto variation – #’d 1-of-1

Regular Set + Parallels! Rookies – #’d to 249 Rookie Autos – #’d to 249 Regular Cards Gold Spectrum // – #’d to 25 Regular Cards Black // – #’d to 1 Rookie Cards Gold Spectrum // – #’d to 25 Rookie Cards Black // – #’d to 1

Regular Set Regular Cards – #’d to 249

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