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8 Cards per Pack
24 Packs per Box
16 Boxes per Case


First Set of the New Hockey Year!
Very collectible 250-card Base Set!
o Including Phenomenal New RC’s!
o Plus, 1 per pack Base Set High Series or Rookies SP’s!
o New NHL Territories Light FX inserts, falling 3 per box!
§ Look for autograph and memorabilia parallels!
Collect the Amazing Colors & Contours Insert Set – Averaging 6 per box!
o Featuring Spectrum Light F/X variations of 200 Base Cards!
§ Find Teal, Gold & Purple inserts, with varying rates of scarcity!
o All told, 9 unique subsets, capturing three die-cuts and three background colors!
Grab Rookie Redemption cards – hitting 1 per case, and delivering 8 cards in return!
o Each one can be redeemed for a 8-card pack featuring Rookies from any one of the four divisions!
NEW! Look for scarce 2015 NHL Draft #1 Pick redemption cards (1:960) and even more rare autographed parallel versions!
Find Silver Script parallels, hitting 8 per box!
Also look for Super Script parallels, #’d to just 25!
Find dual-player One-on-One Signatures and ProSign Autographs!


Base Set Parallels!
o Silver Script – inserted 1:3
o Super Script – #’d to 25 Colors & Contours, Die-Cut Base Set Variations!
o Level 1, Teal – inserted 1:96
o Level 1, Gold – inserted 1:32
o Level 1, Purple – inserted 1:60
o Level 2, Teal – inserted 1:72
o Level 2, Gold – inserted 1:24
o Level 2, Purple – inserted 1:136
o Level 3, Teal – inserted 1:8
o Level 3, Gold – inserted 1:172
o Level 3, Purple – inserted 1:520
Jersey & Autograph Hits!
o NHL Territories Material Parallels (jersey cards) – inserted 1:75
o NHL Territories Autograph Parallels – inserted 1:320
o ProSign Autographs (Tier 1) – inserted 1:900
o ProSign Autographs (Tier 2) – inserted 1:300
o One-on-One Signatures – inserted 1:3,600
o 2015 NHL #1 Draft Pick Auto Redemption – inserted 1:10,250
Rookie Redemptions – Each Good for an 8-card pack, by Division!
o Rookie Redemptions – inserted 1:384
2015 NHL #1 Draft Pick Redemption! – Inserted 1:960
’14-15 Postseason Variations!
o 2014-15 Postseason Variations – Inserted 1:384 Regular Cards
200 Regular Cards
50 NHL Territories Cards
Base Set High Series SP’s – Inserted 1:1
** Includes Holdover Rookies

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