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CONFIGURATION: 8 Cards per Pack 24 Packs per Box 12 Boxes per Case

CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: UD1 Celebrates its 25th Anniversary with another Stellar Young Guns Class!
Delivering at the trademark of 6 per Box!
The Vaunted Piece of History 500 Goal Club Jersey cards and Newly-Created 1,000-Point Club Jersey cards Join UD Game Jersey to deliver 2 Memorabilia cards per Box!
Find Autograph Jersey parallels to the Piece of History cards!
Also look for UD Patch parallels, always a hit with #ing to just 15!
Put Together the UD Canvas Set, filled with Intriguing Photography!
As always, this insert is highlighted by Young Guns as well, hitting 1 in 48 packs!
Find Great Collectibility in the Clear Cut Acetate inserts! Highlighting Stoppers, Captains, Foundations & Leaders, these Case Hits are #’d to 100 or less, respectively! Kings Spent Their Day With The Cup! Now You can too!
Showcasing rarely seen photos that truly capture their Day With The Cup!
Look for All 400 Original 1990-91 Upper Deck Hockey Cards, numbered to 25 to celebrate UD’s 25th Anniversary!
Bonus – Find Signed versions too!
Base Set Parallels – More Collectibility from UD1! With Exclusives (#’d to 100) and High Gloss Spectrum versions (#’d to 10), it’s a must!
Collect the Shining Stars inserts, Featuring 10 Stars Per Position, Exclusive to Specific SKU’s!
Hobby Packs showcase Centers, Left & Right Wingers + Legends!
Find rarer Gold Rainbow parallels too!
Cap it off with Hockey Heroes from the 2000’s! Continuing the popular series that has come to life the past few years!


Rookie Cards!
Young Guns – inserted 1:4
UD Canvas cards! (combined to deliver 1:6)
Regular Cards – inserted 1:7 Young Guns – inserted 1:48
Memorabilia & Autograph Cards!
UD Game Jerseys – inserted 1:13
A Piece Of History, 500 Goal Club Jerseys – inserted 1:3,456
A Piece Of History, 1,000 Point Club Jerseys – inserted 1:1,152
UD Game Patch – #’d to 15
A Piece Of History, 500 Goal Club Jersey – #’d to 25
A Piece Of History, 1,000 Point Club Jersey – #’d to 10 Signature Sensations – inserted 1:288

Shining Stars!
Shining Stars, Centers – inserted 1:16 Shining Stars, Left & Right Wingers – inserted 1:24 Shining Stars, Legends – inserted 1:48 Shining Stars Centers, Gold Rainbow parallel – inserted 1:48 Shining Stars Left & Right Wingers, Gold Rainbow parallel – inserted 1:72 Shining Stars Right Wingers, Gold Rainbow parallel – inserted 1:144

Spend A Day With The Cup! Day With The Cup – inserted 1:1,000

Clear Cut Inserts! Clear Cut Stoppers – #’d to 100 Clear Cut Captains – #’d to 100 Clear Cut Foundations – #’d to 25 Clear Cut Leaders – #’d to 10

Must-Have Regular Set Parallels! Exclusives – #’d to 100 HG – #’d to 10

Some of the Game’s Greats! (combined to deliver 1:12) 2,000’s Hockey Heroes – inserted 1:12.5 Hockey Heroes, Art Card – inserted 1:600 Hockey Heroes, Header Card – inserted 1:600

Regular Cards 200 Regular Cards

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