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Essential Elvis is the most upscale Elvis trading card set that Press Pass has released. The striking 35-card base set honors The King of Rock 'n Roll on the 35th anniversary of his passing and looks at the most memorable achievements in the life of Elvis.
Essential Elvis will include the first autograph cards ever of the legendary MARY TYLER MOORE! There will be at least 2-3 MTM autographs per case! Other Elvis co-star guest signers include Barbara Eden & Nancy Sinatra!
THREE HITS PER BOX including at least one autograph
Each 6-card box will contain an Elvis-worn relic card PLUS one celebrity autograph, or Elvis cut signature card!
- Relics -
Essential Materials -- relic cards featuring the most expansive lineup ever of Elvis-worn clothing. Nine different items for 2012!
- Featuring several new Elvis-worn memorabilia items including an Elvis-worn Sun Studios jacket. - Four different levels of single piece relic cards to collect, including 3 sequentially #'d!
Look for: "King Size" over-sized pieces! 3 #'d levels
"The first dual, triple & quad Relic cards of The King!"
- Six different multi-piece versions to collect--each sequentially numbered. - Each multi-piece version #'d to 3 different levels /foil colors: gold, blue, melting foil - Seq. #ing levels vary by version ranging from 5-10-35 to 5-25-299
- Autographs -
Essential Signatures -- authentic autograph cards of Elvis' Co-Stars & Band Members.
- Most comprehensive list to date -- vast majority from new signers! - Four levels: silver, gold, blue & red - High value "Artist Proof" autograph cards from Alfred Wertheimer & George Kalinsky; #'d to 99 or less.
Historic Cuts -- Elvis Cut Signatures!
- Single signed cuts from Elvis plus a dual cut with his father, Vernon Presley.
Just Added - Elvis Cut Signature + Relic !
- Sketch Cards -
Essential Sketches -- Hand-drawn sketch cards from renowned artist, Joe Petruccio. Each sketch card numbered to 20 or less! 4-5 different variations!
- High value sketch cards -- 2010 Elvis sketch cards regularly sell in the $100 -$200 range!
7 cards per pack including one holofoil base parallel
At least one of the following "BIG HITS" per case: Relic #'d to 5 or less, Quad, Cut, King Size #'d to 10 or less, 1 of 1 base card, Wertheimer or Kalinsky Artist's Proof #'d to 50 or less.

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