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Experience the Film as Never Before
It’s been 30 years since The Empire Strikes Back first captured the imagination of movie audiences around the world. Since its 1980 release, it has grown to become one of the most enduring films of all time – and a merchandising powerhouse without parallel. Topps has been there from the beginning and is proud to continue its long history with Star Wars by introducing this commemorative, premium-quality 3D card set for the 30th anniversary.
The Empire Strike Back 3D is the film‘s first-ever 3D trading card series – the long awaited follow up to the coveted Star Wars 3D set from 1996. This series presents a whole new look and experience for fans to enjoy. Not only do the cards feature the cutting-edge of 3D print technology (no glasses needed), but also they are in stunning Widevision format to present scenes in original size ratio of the theatrical release.
PLUS HOBBY EXCLUSIVE INSERTS: 1/1 SKETCH CARDS – original hand drawings by today’s top Star Wars artists 1 PER BOX! AUTOGRAPHS –Topps Certified signatures from The Empire Strikes Back cast! SUPER RARE!
The Empire Strike Back 3D Trading Cards are just part of the festivities in honor of this landmark occasion. Thousands of fans will gather in Orlando, FL in August to attend the Star Wars Celebration V.
Star Wars continues to be a white-hot franchise. Here’s just a sample of the action: The new season of the hit animated TV show Clone Wars premieres this fall The Clone Wars Season 2 DVD goes on sale in 2010 Adidas is debuting a Star Wars clothing line this year Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II video game will be available in late 2010 Star Wars: The Old Republic video game is in production The top-selling action figures by Hasbro are being re-launched with vintage packaging The Making of The Empire Strikes Back book comes out in July from Del Rey Family Guy’s parody of The Empire Strikes Back aired December 2009 Star Wars was the #1 selling Halloween costume property of 2009
With all that’s in the works, we can look forward to another 30 years of success! And remember: Topps is the only source for new Star Wars trading cards.

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