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Based on #1 TV Show for Boys!
A tremendous Cartoon Network hit with stellar ratings, The Clone Wars continues the 30+ years of success of Star Wars and brings the saga to a whole new generation of kids. The dramatic and much buzzed about second season, The Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters, pits the heroic Jedi against the treacherous Cad Bane and an assortment of other bounty hunters and villains, capturing the imaginations of fans old and new.
# Ranked #1 on all television — broadcast and cable — with boys ages 6-11 # The #1 selling licensed toy property in the US # Extensive toy lines from Hasbro and Lego # Massive marketing campaign # McDonalds Happy Meal promotions # Appeal spans across generations – parents and kids share their passion for Star Wars
The Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters trading cards cover all the twists and turns of this exciting new chapter with stunning images and in-depth story details. 90 action-packed cards showcase the incredible CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) of the animated series with key scenes from every thrilling episode. Multiple levels of inserts add to the collecting fun:
# SKETCH CARDS (1 per Hobby Box) – One-of-a-kind art from the best Star Wars artists # ANIMATOR SKETCH CARDS (TBD) – Sketches from the TV animators # 1/1 GOLD FOIL-STAMPED PARALLELS # SEQUENTIALY-NUMBERED SILVER FOIL-STAMPED PARALLELS (#1-90) # FLIX PIX MOTION CARDS (1:6) – Motion cards that contain all the action of the show # FOIL CARDS (1:3) – Features profiles of the show’s main characters
Star Wars is the most successful franchise of all time with over $4 billion in worldwide box office and over $9 billion in merchandise sales. But, there’s still much more Star Wars to come. The third season of The Clone Wars begins this fall plus Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO (Massively Multi-Player Online) game launches later this year. On top of this, a new Star Wars comedy series is in the works featuring the talents of Robot Chicken’s Seth Green. There’s much for Star Wars fans to be excited about and the “must-have” for this holiday season is The Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters.

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